There’s beauty all around

In case I needed the reminder (and sometimes, it turns out, I do), there is beauty all around me. All I have to do is see. In particular, I am really grooving on the everyday holy wonders of the backyard.

The bear, that we didn’t see but flattened the bird feeder poles. She knows what she wants and reaches for it, unapologetically.

The birds, at the now-wonky yet perfectly good feeders. They don’t bother about the container it comes in, they simply enjoy the gifts.

No, I didn’t take those pictures. Mine turned out more like this:

The swans, who greet us with gentle salutaions. They aren’t showy; they’re just radiant.

The turtles, who splash and dig in and sunbathe and watch. They know it’s not about speeding toward a destination so much as knowing you already are at home wherever you are.

The deer, who monitor our movements and spread peace in their wake. They know of gentle strength.

The foxes, who hide and watch but don’t yet reveal. They are protective, and they hold their boundaries.

The rainbow, that soothes the soul. It knows that all is already well, always.

Photo by my friend, from her yard.

What beautiful reminders are in your own backyard?

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