The Big Book of Angel Tarot

The Big Book of Angel Tarot, by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, is a fabulous Cover of bookcompendium of the Angel Tarot Cards.

I’ll be honest–I already had this lovely deck, and I dragged my feet on looking at this book because I thought the descriptions printed on the individual cards were more than sufficient.  Okay, it’s true that they are, but WOW is this book an amazing companion to the cards! My understanding of what each card signifies as well as how to interpret them has expanded tremendously from reading this guide.

I appreciate the given background of Tarot, and how the authors arrived at creating this deck. The description of a person on a journey and how the card meanings then apply was especially enlightening for me, and it made the learning stick. Support for how to give readings and use various spreads is encouraging and uplifting. This guide will help those who are interested in Angel Tarot as a profession, as well as anyone who is interested in it personally.

An aspect of this book that I especially appreciate is the nitty gritty of what each individual card has to say. Along with the big-picture processes, this book is an in-depth reference tool for every single card in the deck. I will come back to this book again and again for deeper personal understanding.

Anyone who has even a passing interest in either Tarot, Angels, or intuitive guidance will benefit from this book (and deck).  If you have the cards, go get this book right now!  If you don’t have the deck, I highly recommend getting one along with this book. (The holidays are coming, treat yourself to a gift!)

You don’t need to begin your Dreamer’s Journey, you are already on one. This book will help you understand yourself and others along the way.

I received this book from Hay House in a fair exchange of my honest opinion for it, as part of their Book Nook blogger program.

Link to purchase this at AmazonLink to purchase at Hay HouseLink to purchase at Barnes & NobleLink to purchase at Chapters Indigo

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