Gorgeous for Good

Gorgeous for Good

This book is Sophie Uliano’s guide to gorgeousness that celebrates and encourages authenticity.  It addresses and integrates all aspects of beauty: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The author is non-judgmental, and supports you in being yourself–in finding your own inner beauty and bringing that forth. Although she shares her extensive wisdom about green products and companies, she is more concerned with teaching concepts than pitching products.

Divided into three parts, this book leads readers from external beauty, through internal beauty, and culminates with a 30-day beauty program. Called a “Live-it, as opposed to a Die-it,” the program is an easily-referenced daily plan that includes Beauty, Diet, Fitness, and Morning ME Time. It is an incredibly well-rounded program, and you will feel like a goddess for attending to your own authentic gorgeousness.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this book is the recipes throughout it. There are concoctions for food, but there are also home mixes for face, body, and hair love.

Anybody interested in beauty routines and products will appreciate this book, but also anyone who is intrigued by healthful eating, sensible fitness, meditation, and personal growth should not overlook this. It is a surprising guide in its depth of personal awareness, and it is a welcome addition to the topic!

Hay House gifted me this book through NetGalley, simply in exchange for my opinion of it. What a gorgeous program, for the good of all!

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