Check Your Phone, You Have A Personal Message From God.

Stuck on a decision you’ve gotta make? Looking for guidance as to how best approach a specific situation? Wondering what the next right direction is for this moment?

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In other words, you welcome Divine Direction. You watch for Angelic Advice. You seek out God Guidance.

Let me guess. You:

  • Had a Magic 8 Ball when you were younger. (There are apps for this, now…)
  • Own a variety of oracle card decks.. (My favorites are by Doreen Virtue.)
  • Always accept your opportunity for a fortune cookie. (This one has no calories.)

Sound familiar? That’s because you know that as a companion to deeper prayer, these avenues offer quick touchpoints with God. Kind of like reading a full daily devotion, and also reading a Tweet about it.

Messages come constantly and in all forms, when we are open to receiving them. This is my experience.

So in the spirit of oracle options, here’s a fantastic one I recently learned about. This comes from Jeannine Yoder’s Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge 2016, specifically from mentor Rochelle Schieck:

  1. Open your digital music library to all Songs
  2. Hit Shuffle Play
  3. Play the first song. This is your message.
    • Listen to it in its entirety.
    • Get up and move!

Notice what words stand out, what thoughts you think, what feelings you feel. What your body tells you as it moves. Be open, and receive. Again, messages come in all forms.

In my case, just now I pulled Oh Boy! By Buddy Holly. (Nod to Mom for her fabulous vinyl records I grew up with!) This fills me with joy, because I just got a huge dose of support for putting myself first — which I have been learning to practice.

A customized message only for me, I have received a reminder of the importance of both Me in Myself (my upcoming birthday is the same Day The Music Died), as well as the gift of Me in Relationship (my hubby and I have a hot dinner date at home tonight that we’ve been looking forward to). I am in this moment elevated and uplifted, and that is sustainable and renewable energy!

All this celebration and smiles, packaged in a seemingly random song. That I even completely forgot I had in my library.

Wow. And thank you.

So now I ask you: What’s in your playlist?
Please post in the comments below what your song was! We’d also love to hear what message you received, if you’d like to share. ❤

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2 Comments on “Check Your Phone, You Have A Personal Message From God.”

  1. Thank you for sharing this Gina!!! God speaks to us and through us in so many ways. Our physical bodies are our direct connection with the divine, remembering to listen to the wisdom our bodies speak is a gift. Movement also allows our creativity, our shakti, to flow freely and direct us to source energy, or God if you will. Moving and listening in this way can open us up to insight and free us from the trappings or limitations of our minds. I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise, and am thankful for the reminder to re-connect with my inner wisdom. ✨ My song was The Rock of Habitation, by Ellie Holcomb. It spoke deeply and gently to the love and support that uplifts and surrounds me, to the solid faith that I have that God is working, love and miracles abound! 💖


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