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“Be the best caterpillar you can be until you are called upon to be something different.”   —Rev. Dr. Bob Luckin

November 2013 Daily Guides, Science of Mind

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Assertiveness for Earth Angels

Assertiveness for Earth Angels

I repeatedly passed over selecting Assertiveness for Earth Angels: How to Be Loving Instead of “Too Nice” of the available titles from Hay House’s Book Nook blogger program before finally deciding on it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Doreen Virtue’s work–I just didn’t feel I qualified as an Earth Angel.

Then I read the preview.  The Table of Contents alone had me hooked, so I downloaded the book and began to read.

Has she been following me around?!? Right from the preface, I completely resonated with what I read, and this book was helpful and supportive all the way through.

The book is divided into four sections.  The first three explore maintaining boundaries while still being true to yourself through the scopes of personal, in relationship, and with the world.  The fourth section provides supportive ongoing life guidance and tools.

That’s the layout of the book, here’s its heart:

This book will help you identify and maintain your own boundaries, while at the same time remaining of service to others and causing no harm.

If that sounds at all interesting, or if it makes you think of someone you know, go get this book right now.  It is God’s voice moving through, let it happen.

I was gifted this book by Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it.  No FTC disclosures were harmed in making of this review.  😉

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The Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter: A Simple guide to discovering gifts in strange wrapping paper is a collaboration by Dr. Darren Weissman and Cate Montana, M.A., and I was given this book by Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it.  If you are familiar with Dr. Weissman’s LifeLine Technique, this book is the See-Feel-Hear Challenge in a nutshell.  If you are not familiar with this, don’t worry–I wasn’t either and I still gained much!

In all honesty I don’t think I ever fully grasped the See Feel Hear Challenge the exact way the authors would have intended me to.  I did, however, enjoy a profound awareness that awakened within me because of reading this book–so I think that still counts!

1. Ask myself the truth question.  I am now more tuned in to observing when my body is talking to me through a negative symptom, whether it’s a headache or judgmentalism.   Since I am able to choose the creation of my life, would I ever consciously choose to experience this?  “Hell, no!” (That’s Chapter 2, by the way.)

2. Set my intention.   Am I ready, willing, and able to change what I have just identified through my truth question?  “Hell, yes!” (That’s Chapter 3.)  In my intention I focus on where I want to be instead of what I want to change–as if I were already there.  Immersed in the feeling of the desired result is where we want to be, folks–claim it now.

3. Give each emotion its attention.  When going through Hell no! and Hell yes! emotions become more easily identified.  By being identified, they seem to increase in number–in fact, at times similar to a zombie horde–but that’s just because we can finally see what is already there anyway.   Allow each to have its say, and listen.  Each one is a learning gift, and the only way they will eat you alive is if you ignore them.

This book helps readers to connect our experiences, emotions, and subconscious messages–and thus to move through them, positively.  Whether you are beginning this concept for yourself or consider yourself a seasoned practitioner, you will grow from reading this book.

Remember that everything you hope to become, you already are.  Claim it by feeling it now, instead of waiting to see if it happens in the end.

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Money, A Love Story

Money A Love Story

Money A Love Story is a phenomenal book by Kate Northrup. This financial guidance is elevated through its unique approach: loving yourself equates to abundance in your financial life.  In other words, your money ain’t all about the money, honey.

Now, before you start thinking that this is a woo-hoo book telling you that all you have to do is be positive and you’ll get rich, think again.  This path is definitely about specific personal action, but it does so from a perspective of self-acceptance, dropping shame, valuing oneself, and celebrating that you are inherently a unique contribution to the world.  From that springboard, then, we turn to our finances.

Kate shares her background and experience, which shows readers that she has lived the full financial spectrum and knows of what she speaks.  She’s been in a financial black hole, she’s pulled herself out, and she’s opened into abundance–and we can, too.  Her whole point is to share this knowledge and to empower others how to create the same for themselves.

Philosophy marries practicality in this money love story.  Through tangible exercises you will understand where you come from with your finances, as well as specifically define where you want to go and how to get there. The downloadable workbook can either be printed out or worked digitally in a savable pdf as you go through the book.  There are also many tools and resources provided concisely at the end for easy reference and support.

Necessity is one mother of an inventor–you can quote me on that.  We all have our financial stories, and through this book you will learn how to mindfully write yours the way you choose, from this point forward.

Anyone who ever uses money will benefit from this book, whether you consider yourself “bad with money”, a “financial genius”, or anywhere in between. Additionally, anyone who is looking to expand their self-awareness (even if not financially-related) will also gain from reading this book.

In my financial learning I have also been helped by Dave Ramsey, for whom I am also very grateful.  Learning from Dave is like learning from your father, whereas learning from Kate is like learning from your sister.  Get it?

I received this book from Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it.

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The Age of Miracles

Yaay!  This is what I was looking for when I gave Do Not Go Quietly a whirl.  Lesson learned: go straight to Marianne Williamson.  Every time.

The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife

The Age of Miracles

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