Put On Your Joy Goggles

joy goggles

Live in joy. Find the fun.

I’m not talking about being constantly blissed out here, but…

See your moments through a lens of joy.

To move into this direction, begin by doing nourishing things for yourself. When we actively cherish ourselves we shift slightly. This softening, our receptivity, helps open us up to joy.

That’s our ticket in. To ease and joy, to fun and a lighter heart. To a space of happy expansion.

Does this seem out of reach? Don’t beat yourself up, don’t blame others. Simply ask yourself, “What about me needs my care/love/attention?”

For me, I’ve been spinning myself busy a lot lately and need to reground. I’m going to nourish myself by mentally organizing my upcoming projects. And then, I’m going to stop and take a breath before beginning them.


What can you do differently, right now, to rebalance? To turn toward finding joy? To find the fun?









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