Satisfying My Inner Betty White

Betty White winking

For the last few days I’ve been pulling a Betty White in my head. (Although maybe those around me would comment that it’s not actually as private as I believe…)

Apparently, I’m hungry. Low on energy. And I finally figured out that what I need to feed is my recharge time. I’m looking for my cave, my sweat lodge, my internal solo space.

I’m not finding it yet.

And I haven’t been able to laugh about it, let alone snicker.

A half hour isn’t cutting it. I can’t seem to tune out the shared space of constant TV barrage. My projects have become blockages.

And then, I received a direct message from the Divine. It arrived in the form of a text message from a dear friend. This was her response when asked about her day:

“Going good over here. Just picking away at stuff, finding a rhythm of ease, and releasing anything else that doesn’t reflect that feeling.”

Ba-BAM. There it is. I’m so frustrated with, and focused on, what’s lacking that I’m not allowing myself to be nourished with what I have.

Twenty or thirty minutes is plenty of time to indulge myself now, while still welcoming a future afternoon. Wireless headphones with relaxing ocean sounds creates an internal environment of peaceful flow. I create space for my projects to unfold in their own design, and trust that they will be even greater than I could force into being.

And I am transformed, now.

Holy wow.

I’m back.

Pick away at stuff. Find a rhythm of ease. Release anything else that doesn’t reflect that feeling.

–Wendy Snobl

What’s your current hamster wheel? How can the above message support you in your process?

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