Rejecting Their Reality and Inserting Your Own

I’ve been receiving rejection letters, and I’m thrilled! Okay, so my writing hasn’t been accepted for publication–yet. But you know what? The reality is I’m giddy that I’m now regularly putting it out there! I’ve busted through my block of “not good enough,” by the action of submitting pieces and letting them go. Not some […]

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Beyond Past Lives

Beyond Past Lives, by Mira Kelley, is an exciting exploration of self-awareness through the concept of parallel lives. Not only a fabulous spiritual growth read, this book rocked my perception¬†with two specific concepts. You are likely familiar with the thoughts that we create our own reality, and that everything really occurs in the present moment. […]

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A Very Good Friend

When you are living end-stage pet hospice for the first time, you will wonder about making The Decision. Your friends who have experienced this will supportively assure you that you will know when it’s time, and great comfort is found in that. They lie. Go easy on them, they don’t mean to. ¬†They mean it […]

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