Love wealth

Recognizing the abundance of love in our lives is such a feel-good! We instantly soften when we think of our loved ones, and maybe actually even smile a bit on the outside too. My guess is that your favorite person in the world has already come to mind. (Mine, too.) And then, the next and the next and the next of our favorite people in the world can’t help but pop into our heads. (Mine, too.) Lines are blurred between family and friends, because really, in the sense of true connection they’re the same.

You have popped into someone else’s head, by the way.

But wait, there’s even more love in our lives too. We just might not have been seeing it:

I bet you thought I was going to say, our pets. You’re right! Our animal friends for sure contribute to our love wealth. Not a fan of pets? That’s cool, maybe you prefer plants. I’m not a plant whisperer myself, but if I were I fully believe there would be a love fest happening there. Pets, plants, and other living entities are spectacular sources of love in our lives.

But have you also thought about the love we abundantly receive through less-obvious channels?

Consider the checkout person at the home supply store who was just really pleasant and engaging. (I see you, William.) What about the stranger in the produce aisle who told you how great your jacket looked? (Wow, thanks Madame Blueberry!) Think of the live persons on the other end of your received package who bundled your purchase, wrote a personalized thank you on the invoice slip, and threw in a peppermint candy. (You rock, Wintergreen!)

One last thing to consider about love wealth, for now: We increase it either by receiving OR giving it.

Where might you be a William, Madame Blueberry, or Wintergreen today?

Looking at abundance, wealth, and richness is about throwing away our lack-covered glasses.

Wow, this is the kind of life I want to be living.

Your Own Self

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