Satisfying My Inner Betty White

For the last few days I’ve been pulling a Betty White in my head. (Although maybe those around me would comment that it’s not actually as private as I believe…)

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Returning from the Holidays

Work with the beast rather than against it.  –Wendy Snobl After-Christmas carnage. Post-holiday burnout. Re-entry back into normal life. There is no normal life, Wyatt. There’s just Life.   Take in each moment, right where you are. Swept away by the uncleaned floors? Drowning in the drooping decorations? Swamped under flooding laundry baskets? Work with […]

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Easily Increase Your Abundance With This Simple Action

Do you randomly receive hits to do spontaneous acts of kindness? For example, when it crosses your mind at a drive-through window how great it would be to pay for the meal of the person behind you. Or, as you walk out to get your package from the UPS driver you realize that a water […]

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