There’s a spider in my swimsuit

The other day I put my swimsuit on, to go sit in our new-to-us hot tub after a day of power washing the house in preparation for upcoming staining. I had one leg in, and was just putting my other foot through when a ginormous spider crawled out of my swimsuit and onto my hand.

Lord of the RIngs Spider

Totally felt like this.


Yes. I screamed. I’m not proud of that, but there it is.

I flicked my hand hard and marveled that I didn’t crash to the floor in a one-legged, off-balance, viral dance move.

Jack Black Shoot Dance

So I shook out my swimsuit and went to try again to put it on. And then I paused.

I turned it inside out, and shook it again. Hard.

Then for good measure I repeated this. (Both ways.) And wondered if maybe I should just skip the suit.

And then, as I stood there with my suit in my hands wondering what to do next (top of the list — get another swimsuit to have on hand), it occurred to me to ask Spider what her message was. (She was way long gone by this very short time.)

In my current season of feeling busier than I’d normally like, I realized I had once again fallen into my Old Patterns of linear thinking, in which I feel that if I just tackle one thing at a time I will make it to my outcome. I had forgotten that Ease and Flow ARE the outcome, which have little to do with the arbitrary “end” and everything to do with the direction.

It’s not about getting my ducks in a row, it’s about… The web of it all.

spiral spider web.jpg

I was reminded that everything is interconnected. All of my “stuff” is actually unfolding together, at the same time, in ways I couldn’t even possibly orchestrate. And it’s encompassing even greater good, for myself and others, that my duck-blinders just don’t allow me to see.

I don’t need to conquer. I don’t need to persevere. I just need to dance.

And check for supportive spiders along the way.


In what ways can you bring Spider energy into your life, and surrender to the web of it all? Keep building, and trust in the process.

LEGO Harry Potter spider


duck spider web

A reminder for the tub.



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