F’ed up, or balanced?

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I was having lunch with a friend, and in catching up on our lives the talk turned to personal awareness. She shared that she was taking the initiative with her home projects instead of waiting for others to get her hints to begin. I shared that I was learning to recognize my own feelings versus becoming consumed by my empathy.

fed up

“What do you mean by ’empath’?” She asked.

“Well, it’s where you automatically take on the feelings and emotions of others, without meaning to.” I began.

“Oh, f*@% that!” She interjected. And we both laughed until our bellies hurt.

But you know, that really stuck with me. Discerning my own feelings and emotions is like being able to breathe: we need to put our own oxygen mask on first before helping others. For some of us, that’s automatic. For others, it doesn’t come so naturally. There’s inspiration in both (pun intended), and wisdom in finding balance.

It hit me that “f*@% that” does not mean “f*@% you.” Aha. There’s my balance. I can be with you while you’re in your mood, without making it my own.


We learned a lot about each other during that lunch, and we look forward to our next one. It’s also supportive practice for her positive initiator and my objective observer.

Now that’s a healthy, balanced lunch.

How about you? Which end do you tend to come from? Is that working for you? If so, what do you do for balance? If not, what could you do for balance?

PS — I discovered that this Hay House book has been buried in my online e-reader Wish List. Today’s the day I order it!

book cover for fuck it, the ultimate spiritual way, by john parkin


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