Oxygen Masks, To-Do Lists, and Elevation Training

don't panic

Most days I feel I’ve got a pretty good handle on keeping my breath. Lately, however, I’ve been tested. Daily.

A family member’s graduation is absolutely a happy event and process!  I’m just reminded that even good stress is still…stress. Thank goodness I love lists. They help me stay on top of it all. To breathe on my own.

Yet as I get really good at managing my tasks, I now realize how off-balance I actually am. Oh, my tasks are getting accomplished, sure. But I’ve slipped on attending to my quiet time. I’ve let my daily meditation and writing become last on the list. Which means it gets pushed to tomorrow’s list. And the next tomorrow’s. I tell myself it’s only temporary…

…As I slowly lose my breath.

It makes me think of a recent flight I was on, and how the attendants remind us that “in the event of a decompression, an oxygen mask will automatically appear in front of you.” And I realize that it’s true:

Life itself is a decompression. Our daily personal time is our oxygen.

Whether we meditate, write, ponder, reflect, practice yoga, go for a walk, or do other forms of personal attending-to, that time is sacred. Our sacred time is what keeps us breathing through our decompressions.

And like the airplane oxygen support, we’ve got to secure our masks first before assisting others. If instead we accomplish our tasks before attending to our soul, we’re really just free-falling.

When I think I can temporarily set my sacred time aside and come back to it later is exactly when I need it the most.

Oxygen is essential in your soul’s elevation training. Attend to your daily dose first, and without question.


And then breathe.

Just breathe.



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