A Salute to General Specific



Earning our wings


I had an Aha! moment about goal setting:

I am writing a book.  And a change I’m making to support myself as I begin, is to write regularly.  As in, every day. No excuses.

So when I wrote down my goal, my deadline, my vision, my focus, and my action steps (see the Hay House World Summit eBook, p. 25-26), I began describing these in terms of a daily writing practice. Because that’s what I want to be: attending to daily writing.

I felt really good about getting clear on the change I wanted to make.  And then BAM! Insight knocked me upside the head, and hard.

My goal is actually to write this book’s proposal. (Which is my Step Number One in writing the book.)

Now, a daily writing practice is certainly supportive and is definitely action I am embracing. However, it’s a wallflower around the dance floor of clarity. I still hide in safe generalities rather than identify my vulnerable desire.

Generalities are helpful for us as we explore our way to clarity. But staying there forever can keep us from our next level of growth. We remain in the safety of generalities so that we can prepare to step into our specifics.

When we focus our general bearings into a specific aspect, that’s when we get our clarity. Our Aha!s.  A direct line into our souls.

To  help me with this, I now picture my four-star angel–whom I’ve named General Specific.  A salute to her lovingly guides me from hiding in my general wants to owning my specific desires.

She will help you, too. She’s in the Service, after all.

What dreams and goals do you hold in your heart? How can General Specific help you move within them?



By grace, our wings are already given


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