A (Clear) Change Will Do You Good



Sheryl Crow gets it. So do babies. Many of us fall somewhere in between, waiting for someone to come and change the mess of our making that we find ourselves in.

We are our own rescuers!  It’s not the new job, partner, house, book, group, clothes, friends, or anything else that will cause our lives to improve. (Although those awesome things can result–that’s a visit for another time!)

This is outstanding news, because it means we are choosing to hold our own power rather than give it away to outside people or circumstances. Who is really more invested in You than Yourself, anyway?

The first step to making a change in your life is to get clarity. This works whether you want to exercise more, say yes to only what brings you joy, eliminate toxic life elements (food, environmental, certain people, etc.), or anything else. Your change can be big like a superstar, or small like a newborn.

So let’s pamper ourselves with the following exercise designed to assist us in getting clear. Allow some time to really ask yourself these questions, and see what insights you receive. Record your answers, just for yourself–maybe in a notebook, on your laptop, or with a voice recording app on your phone. Let’s get clear and change our lives for the better! That will do us some good.

Discovering Clarity

I now see the desire of my truest and highest self. This, or something better. And so it is–thank you.

  1. What is the change I want to make?
  2. How do I feel about making this change?
  3. Why is making this change important to me?
  4. How will this change make my life better?
  5. What doors will this one change open for my future?

( Adapted from Hay House’s World Summit eBook, 2016)
For me, at this time I’m finally ready to study A Course In Miracles. What one change are you willing to explore? Please reply in the comments–our stories help each other. 🙂

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