Do The Next Right Thing


It’s good to see the big picture, to keep our envisioned outcome. And it’s easy to think that our immediate decisions and choices either make or break that outcome.

They don’t.

For example, maybe you have been stuck in analysis paralysis — where you consider all of your options so intently and you can’t see which is the *right* one to act upon, so ultimately you take no action at all while you keep thinking about which option to choose.

analysis paralysis

Or perhaps conversely, maybe you have kept yourself in complete and total action —  yet you find you only move in circles instead of moving toward your goal.

turkeys running in circles

You don’t need to discern the one right choice to make. It’s also not imperative to cover all of your bases.

Whenever you don’t know what to do, do this:

Do the next right thing.

In this moment, for this moment. Our moments make our lives.

The path to our goal is made of next right steps. It winds, it crosses over itself a few times, and it leads us home. Always.

What is your next right thing? Schedule your oil change, tell that person you love them, take a nap?



next thing right

If you pause, and listen, you will know your next right thing.

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