Make good choices



Yep, that’s a dinosaur meat cutting chart in there. Sometimes in the moment what we think is prime is really our old, extinct patterns. In that case, consider choosing again.

How do you know if you are making good choices? By how you feel.

In continuing our celebration of attending to the best parts of what is happening, here’s a revisit of a prime choice that made the cut. Enjoy!

Choice: (adj.) of high quality


There I was on a relaxing Sunday evening, basking in the glow of an entirely lovely weekend with my spouse. I felt complete gratitude and appreciation for all sorts of things: the events we attended, the down time we created, enjoyable companionship together as well as our own individual time. Honestly, it was pretty much a total-package kind of weekend.

And yet, at the same time I now observed myself mysteriously getting crankier and crankier…pretty much because he was breathing.


Why was I getting snarky in my head? I didn’t believe I was mentally overloaded. I didn’t feel especially tired. I don’t believe I’m premenopausal. Besides, any “reason” is actually an excuse for giving myself a free pass on my current thinking/feeling/behaving.

And that’s when I realized it: Life is a moment-by-moment choice. And I can choose how I feel, no matter what is going on around me. (Or inside me, for that matter.)

Snarky wasn’t feeling good. Gratitude and appreciation was. So I chose to be that.

I’ll be honest, in that moment of choosing my mind wasn’t really on board — but my heart and body were.

And to my great surprise, my mind caught up pretty darn quickly. It was weird. (In a good way.)

I really appreciate my daily meditation practice…

Isn’t it great to learn that we don’t have to wait for an undesired state of thinking or feeling to pass.? We also don’t have to wait for a desired state to arrive. We can just choose it, now.

And watch how fast we catch up to ourselves.


What are you patiently waiting for to run its course? How do you keep what you want to feel in your future instead of your now? What else can you choose for this moment?



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