Practices similar AF*

*Agreeable (being this) and Forgiveness (doing this) So it occurs to me that the benefits of being agreeable are amazingly similar to the benefits of forgiveness. Here’s from the previous post, on being agreeable. Now, consider this through the lens of forgiveness:

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Everyday supervillans

Okay, here we go: Who are the people in your life who have hurt you the most? Maybe they’re alive, maybe they’re not — for this personal reflection that’s not the point. (The point isn’t about getting all riled up about it, as you will shortly see, so don’t be afraid to really go┬áhere.) If […]

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Let That $#!% Go

Just for today Consider that holding anger is like holding a hot coal And not throwing it.   So if you’re carrying thoughts about getting even, or withdrawing or of having been wronged or are feeling a little bit like a martyr (surprise!),

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