Practices similar AF*

*Agreeable (being this) and Forgiveness (doing this)

So it occurs to me that the benefits of being agreeable are amazingly similar to the benefits of forgiveness.

Here’s from the previous post, on being agreeable. Now, consider this through the lens of forgiveness:

And before you go all “Wait a minute, this is totally for the benefit of the other person and I’m no floor mat,” let me mention that this practice is actually for the prosperity and blessing of you, first and foremost. Here are just a few of the things I have experienced when I attend to doing this practice for a day:

calmer state of mind

relaxed from body tension

smiling more

a sense of peace

exempt from being judgy and from feeling judged

positive connection with others

sh*t doesn’t bother me — in fact, it’s just gone

Each of these practices are at the core of our spiritual wellness. Once we realize that in doing so we do not lose anything, we actually gain everything.

Mind. Blown.

Where can you choose to be agreeable, today? What can you forgive? With either and both, you will feel freedom.

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