On being agreeable

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As I practice random daily bouts of being agreeable, I discover more about what being agreeable is, and what it is not. Here is what I am learning:

On Being Agreeable:

Being agreeable is Hearing the other person. It is an exchange in which the other is Heard, by me. It is Listening. True listening.

Being agreeable means that this is not the time for my opinion, right now. Later it can be, sure. During a completely different exchange, when I am not in a mindful practice of being agreeable.

Not giving my opinion while being agreeable does not mean that I acquiesce, defer, give up, or squelch myself. It simply means that I do not get on stage with the other person.

It’s not my time, right now.

What resonated with you from this? What made you tense up? What are you learning about your practice of being agreeable?

Photo by Budgeron Bach on Pexels.com
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