Welcome to the dark side. It’s on the back of the light side.

In Matt Kahn’s book Everything is Here to Help You, I read the idea that our ego is “the soul in its most dormant phase of expansion.” This opened the door for me to consider that my ego is not something to fight, overcome, or battle. It’s actually a piece of my soul in its baby […]

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The light, the dark, no difference.

    You’ve likely encountered a situation or quality that has both a “good” side and a “bad” side. An example of this might be accomplishment. Yes, we get things done. And yet, sometimes they’re done less fully just so that we can get to them being done. Further still, we can slowly become rather rigid […]

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How to get from here to there: A commitment to your self.

Growing. Transforming. Leveling up. Change. We all have things we’d like to be, do, or have that are different from where we’re at. We often call them goals. Sometimes we call them dreams. Either way, we’re looking at life from where we are (here) to where we want to be (there). A new job. A move […]

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