What the struggle is really about

The idea that there’s beauty in the struggle has nothing to do with the struggle at all. It’s to do with how you overcome it. — The Beautiful Badass We all have challenges, that’s part of our journey here in this thing called Life. Some challenges are clearly visible, others less so. Yet it’s not […]

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Let go of letting go; try this instead.

You know when something bugs us, and we spend so much mental bandwidth trying to not let it bother us that now it’s all we can focus on? And the more we try to not let it bother us the more bothersome it becomes? For example: The ninja-like fly buzzing around your kitchen that keeps […]

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Find solutions instead of solving problems. Yes, they are two different things.

  Part of evolving as a human being involves…dealing with situations. Maybe your parents have moved into your basement. Perhaps you didn’t get that raise. Could be your car mysteriously won’t start. What if your adult child is suicidal? Your spouse has been diagnosed with a debilitating disease? Your beloved O.L.D. dog stops eating? Do […]

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