Let go of letting go; try this instead.

Young girl standing sideways crossing arms and looking directly at you with an annoyed, frustrated look

You know when something bugs us, and we spend so much mental bandwidth trying to not let it bother us that now it’s all we can focus on? And the more we try to not let it bother us the more bothersome it becomes?

For example:

  • The ninja-like fly buzzing around your kitchen that keeps miraculously escaping the swatter
  • The chatter in the movie theater during the show
  • The talk radio program playing in the car you are riding in
  • The phone conversation happening in the booth next to you

We try to overcome bothersome situations in order to resolve our annoyance.

Even in our heads. Have you ever told yourself, “Just let it go?”

Classic Elsa from the movie Frozen with the words Let It Go

My trouble with that is I seem to spend more attention on the “It” rather than the “Let Go.” (I’m letting go of It. I’m letting go of It.) Aaand I’m right back to my mental circular spin-up.

And then I discovered this:

All I had to do was allow it to not exist.

–Meggan Watterson, Mary Magdalene Revealed

Bitmoji character with blown mind

What an amazing look at Allowing! This is subtly but profoundly different for me than my usual allowing the annoyance to be what it is, while using well-spent energy to not let it bother me.

It’s okay that I see something’s annoying me. I don’t have to overcome it. I don’t even have to let it go. All I have to do is notice that I’ve noticed it, and then allow it to not be there.

There is nothing negative left to notice.

And now I’m no longer spending any energy in that direction.

Holy wow.

Girl child with hands on head looking at the camera saying wow

Has this opened your awareness of Allowing, like it has for me? Is there something annoying you currently that you can try this with? How about the next time you find yourself piqued by something?

rock cairn image with the quote when you make peace with yourself you make peace with the world by Maha Ghosananda

Elsa from the movie Frozen winking, with the words let that sh*t go




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