On balance

rock pile balance that looks like a person

We all have personal interests. They are our creative outlets, our down time, a way that we re-balance.

Some of these are easily identifiable: writing, painting, playing an instrument, throwing pottery… We name these “Arts.”

Others are less obvious: cooking, puzzles, reading, gaming… We label these “Hobbies.”

What we call them doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we have a healthy balance between them and the rest of our lives.

Is your writing desk in the middle of the room, or in a corner? Do you have both earbuds in when you are watching videos on your tablet, or do you use one? Is the door to your creative space open when you are in it, or is it closed? Are others welcome in the kitchen, or is that your private space?

How much room for others is there in your life while you are exploring your personal interests, as a whole?

I can easily get really immersed in writing, or in reading a good book. To the point where I actually am not present. It can be transcendental to be in a creative flow, and that is a beautiful thing.

But it’s an event, not a lifestyle.

Life isn’t a support-system for art. It’s the other way around.

–Stephen King

Let’s not use our current life circumstances as an excuse to remove ourselves from them through our creativity.  Let’s instead explore our creativity as a balance within experiencing our life.

What is your outlet? How do you use it as an escape, and how do you use it as inspiration? When is each okay?

Cutouts of two people shapes high-fiving together

A family on the beach all holding hands together in the air
A couple holding hands together by one finger with matching anchor tattoos

A German Shepherd puppy sleeping in a man's lap.


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