What the struggle is really about


The idea that there’s beauty in the struggle has nothing to do with the struggle at all. It’s to do with how you overcome it.

The Beautiful Badass

We all have challenges, that’s part of our journey here in this thing called Life. Some challenges are clearly visible, others less so.

Yet it’s not about the struggle. It’s about ourselves within that.

It’s all in how we navigate ourselves within the context of our challenges. How we handle, manage, operate, maneuver, wrangle, maintain, attend to, engage ourselves.

In the midst of our challenges. Because of them. Despite them.

In this way we overcome our struggles. Whether they actually disappear or whether we simply live in harmony with them.

“The struggle is real” becomes “I am real.”

The beauty in your struggle is you.

Let’s not wallow in our struggles, but rather expand into ourselves because of them.


What’s something you currently struggle with? A physical affect? A person in your life? Perfection tendencies? Making a decision? In what ways can you see beyond the packaging of the struggle, and instead focus on what this is really about? Remember to be gentle and compassionate with yourself.

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