Find solutions instead of solving problems. Yes, they are two different things.


Fragment of summer flowering cactus in flower pot.

Part of evolving as a human being involves…dealing with situations.

Maybe your parents have moved into your basement. Perhaps you didn’t get that raise. Could be your car mysteriously won’t start.

What if your adult child is suicidal? Your spouse has been diagnosed with a debilitating disease? Your beloved O.L.D. dog stops eating?

Do you have a problem to solve? Or are you looking for a solution?

I know, I know. At that point, who really gives a crap which it is.

Yet I continue to find that in part, my outcry for Divine help is responded to by how I navigate my process. Don’t get me wrong, we always are held by God/Divine/Universe/FP (Field of Potentiality)/The Dude. I just know that when I remember to surrender as I take action, rather than command, control, and overcome through my action, that’s when the really miraculous stuff happens. I receive immediate help along the way, rather than having to wait until “the end.”

(You’ll notice that each do include my action. My contribution. What I bring to the situation. Getting my butt off the couch.)

Although both problem-solving and finding solutions are outcome-based, the paths to get there are different. Problem-solving focuses on what is wrong and needs to be fixed. Finding solutions looks through a lens of growth and expansion.

We cannot focus upon the weaknesses of one another and evoke strengths. You cannot focus upon the things that you think they are doing wrong, and evoke things that will make you feel better. You’ve got to beat the drum that makes you feel good when you beat it. And when you do, you’ll be a strong signal of influence that will help them to reconnect with who they are.



I proudly come from a long and beautiful line of problem-solvers who find solutions. And God is chuckling at me as I try to express this. All I need today is to remember to surrender, take right-directed action, and join in on the loving Cosmic Giggle.


I’ve discovered that when I’ve solved a problem, I look for another problem to solve in order to maintain that sense of happy accomplishment. But when I’ve found a solution, I revel in the continuing good feelings of harmony and fulfillment that it brings, itself. Holy wow.

Do you resonate with solving problems, or with finding solutions? Can you see both at play in your life? Is there room for both — are there times when each is needed?

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