Doing the Deep Work

I am ready to go deeper. In my marriage, through friendship, in relation to my 92-year-old father-in-law’s process… In other words, with Life.   And oh, boy, when you tell the Universe that you are ready, it responds. Does it ever. (Actually, you’re telling yourself; the Universe has been lovingly awaiting you all along.)

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Not Wrong is the new Right

I’ve learned a small change in wording that makes a huge difference in relationship. It applies in all areas of life, because it strengthens connection. It’s super helpful to consider when someone is unleashing their belief, opinion, or frustration on you. It’s beneficial when someone shares their thoughts, feelings, and emotions with you. It’s also […]

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Choice: (adj.) of high quality

There I was on a relaxing Sunday evening, basking in the glow of an entirely lovely weekend with my spouse. I felt complete gratitude and appreciation for all sorts of things: the events we attended, the down time we created, enjoyable companionship together as well as our own individual time. Honestly, it was pretty much […]

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