Wild and Sometimes Woolly

You are likely familiar with the whole caterpillar metaphor for personal growth and transformation: Caterpillar crawls along in life, learning to be the best caterpillar it can be. Caterpillar spins a chrysalis, or cocoon, and hangs out for a while — presumably in contemplation of Self. Caterpillar emerges transformed into a butterfly, now flying to […]

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Shine On, You Crazy Diamond

Just for today remember to shine your light.   My natural optimism is your happy horse crap. To each our own.

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Miss Nomer

I love constantly learning more about myself. I have always found treasure in self-help and self-improvement books. And somewhere along the way I began calling it “self-growth” and “self-awareness” as I continue to unearth abundance. Because I finally understood that I was never deficient. That there was never anything to fix in the first place.

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