Holiday Peace

May we all find –even create– a little bit of peace each day.   Peace while jockeying for a parking space. Peace as we hustle our bustle amid legions of others doing the same. Peace with the children in their unbridled excitement. Peace with unsolidified plans as specific dates draw near. Peace during extra-busy time […]

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Awaken Your Confidence, Live Your Purpose

You know that niggling little idea that you have, the one that gently cracks the lid of that cozy box of comfort you live in? And your eyes automatically squint in response because of the shining brilliance you just might become? Look fully at it. You don’t need approval. You don’t need the how. You […]

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Reminder To Self

  It wasn’t until near the end of this spring phone call that I realized he was breaking. A college student learns a lot about navigating life, with many “firsts” piled on at once. But you know what? After hanging up, I realized that all of us flow through these seasons no matter our age. […]

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