Awaken Your Confidence, Live Your Purpose

You know that niggling little idea that you have, the one that gently cracks the lid of that cozy box of comfort you live in? And your eyes automatically squint in response because of the shining brilliance you just might become?

Look fully at it.

You don’t need approval. You don’t need the how. You are already enough. Begin.

Just. Say. Yes. To yourself. In whatever form that takes.

Want to write a book? Grab a pen and paper.  Want to start a business? Share your product or services. Want to make your own cultured food? Go get that goat. Want to do something but you’re not sure what? Remain open and show up, daily.

Is it really this simple?!?  

Yes, it’s that simple. No, it’s not easy. (Otherwise you’d already have started.) And, it’s crucial to our souls. In fact, the more important it is for our personal path, the harder a thing can be to begin.

We are not alone.

Support and encouragement are abundant. In many forms, and for all of our desires. We are helped even when we are still discovering just what our desires really are.

Three examples of my personal power posse include Pam Grout, Marie Forleo, and Gabrielle Bernstein. Every time I read or hear them, I am launched. It doesn’t matter if it’s a free post or a paid product, I always come out better for the experience.

Seek support even before you’ve clearly identified what your tickle of an idea is. Sometimes it’s just through exploration that you discover the message, the meaning. For me, I kept putting off enrolling in Gabby B’s Spirit Junkies Digital Masterclass because I couldn’t clearly see a direction–I just felt there was something I wanted to do. It was through finally participating in that particular program where the pieces began to come together for me–even though I began the course with no clear purpose in mind (and am still in the process of shaping it!). Don’t wait for clarity to in order to begin–it’s by beginning that you will find clarity.

Here are three Spirit Junkie videos to support you on your path, no matter what that is. There are many other supports from many other sources–seek them. You are not alone.

Stop Holding Yourself Back from Following Your Purpose

Ready to Turn Your Purpose Into Your Paycheck? (still directly helpful even if you’re not this specific)

Ready to Spread Your Empowering Message? (ditto)

Your comfortable box is no longer a nurturing nest–it’s a coffin.

Keeping yourself contained is the kiss of death to dreams you don’t even realize you have–let alone the ones you are aware of. Do one thing today, each day, to directly support your own self.

Begin by truly seeing the radiant, shining being that you are. And rise, sister, rise.

4 Comments on “Awaken Your Confidence, Live Your Purpose”

  1. THANK YOU GINA!!!! This is fabulous!!!!! I am so glad you gathered courage bold, and choose to ‘begin’ even without the clarity! GabbyB is amazing, love her books, videos, and web encouragement…thank you for sharing this with all of us, your radiance and enthusiasm is inspiring! ❤


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