Tell Better Stories, Live A Better Life


Carolyn Flynn, TEDx Talk

I want to share this TEDx talk with you.

Carolyn Flynn is a beautiful person whom I am lucky enough to insightfully visit with regularly.  She spoke at the Albuquerque, NM portion of the global TEDWomen community in May of 2015, about using the power of your narrative to create your life path.

It’s amazing wisdom. Plus, it’s got Star Wars references.


Tell a better story, live a better life.

Here’s how I’ve been inspired by this video:

Lately I’ve been extra-busy. Like, triple-extra busy. (I’ll bet this resonates with you.)

The old story is that I am temporarily overwhelmed, I have a lot going on at the moment, things will slow down hopefully soon, and I need to just embrace the chaos.

Here’s my new story. I have an abundance of…abundance!

My life is better already. ❤

How can you retell your story, and create a better now? Please share in the comments below–your insights help us all.

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