Golden Moments


We recently celebrated my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. An open house of friends and family, picnic-style, with gorgeous weather. God smiled upon this couple, as well as all who extended their support and love.


Fifty years ago

For those of us who have experienced marriage, we should realize that God is smiling at us because sometimes we’re just plain funny to watch. All of us. I mean really, we’re bumbling along as individuals in the first place, now add being in the context of a relationship? Are you kidding me?!? That simply provides comedic material for life.

And that’s exactly what it is: Life. It’s our individual moments that make up the whole of our lives. The way I live now determines what I have to look back on.

If I stay at a job that doesn’t serve me, what do I get to view when I look back from retirement? If I compromise myself within a relationship, is an anniversary really a celebration? Conversely, if I follow what lights me up and I voice my truth along the way, what do I then become over time?

I’m pretty comfortable with directing outcomes. Letting go scares me. And yet, I know that this is where my gold is hidden.

It’s the quality of our moments that create our milestones’ quality. I am practicing going for the gold, now. And I trust that the looking-back will take care of itself.

FullSizeRender (9)

A truly golden moment.








4 Comments on “Golden Moments”

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  2. Ok, so where is the LOVE IT button????!!!!!! You truly said it all Gina, BRAVO!!!! Keep goin for the gold my friend, each and every nugget is truly worth it!!!!


    • Yeah, I can speak to it because I’m in the middle of it!! Practice, practice, practice. And I like the image of God supportively smiling at me as I learn. 🙂

      You continue to go for your gold, too! We all already have it, it’s more of an uncovering than an attaining. ❤


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