Spiritual beings having a human experience

Our lives are a journey. A spiritual journey. We experience, in order to expand. In our experiences, we have choice. Some experiences we’ve outgrown. We’ve learned what we needed to from them, and we no longer carry them daily. Like your best friend in fifth grade whom you chose to drift apart from, but in […]

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My Own Oblivion

Something happened the other day that I’m still processing. Sitting in the car in the parking lot of the store, my husband and I sat scrolling through our phone pictures. We were looking for the image of the part that we needed from thisĀ  store. The longer we sat there, the more this interesting event […]

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Go, You!

I used to want to be liked. And I learned that pleasing others is exhausting. Next I hoped to be accepted. And I learned that approval is insidious. Then I desired to be understood. And I learned discernment is both a gift and a choice. Now I validate myself. And I learn that authenticity is […]

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