Supercharge your morning (part 2)

“What is one thing you can do this morning to make all your tomorrows be your best yet?”

Just for this morning

come in from the cold.

Join others around the campfire.

Share your journey,

and learn from others’.

Plan new adventures together.

Tom Evans, Supercharge Your Morning

We each respond in our own way to the world around us. During these particular times (and the above was written well before 2020), there’s much to process. And although it is indeed a highly personal journey, it’s important that we don’t ultimately process alone.

Do not isolate yourself within your own thoughts. Be open to other stories. Allow them to influence your own, to adjust and refine your understanding. Have the courage to take your stand in your evolution, rather than only in your current awareness.

The adventure of awakening


and again

and again.


What is a current story of yours? Is it based on past information and understanding? How could another’s story potentially refine yours? Who could be a safe person for you to come in from the cold and sit by the campfire with?

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