Spiritual beings having a human experience

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Our lives are a journey. A spiritual journey. We experience, in order to expand. In our experiences, we have choice.

Some experiences we’ve outgrown. We’ve learned what we needed to from them, and we no longer carry them daily. Like your best friend in fifth grade whom you chose to drift apart from, but in hindsight you see that you now listen to your inner authority over others’.

Some experiences are foundations. We’ve built upon them, and we continue to learn and grow from them. Like your religious history, that opened the door for choosing an even deeper and ongoing spirituality.

How about our challenging experiences? The ones in which we wonder what the right choice was. Should I have stayed in that relationship? What if I had not moved? Did I choose the right career?

Did I make the right choice? Did I take the right path?

On  your spiritual journey, you’ve done nothing wrong.

In order to be who we are born to become, life could not have happened ANY other way. All of our experiences, all of our choices, led us to where we are here. And here is RIGHT where we are supposed to be.

Okay, so you may have heard that before. How about this perspective:

Look at it as present time, rather than past.


In order to be who I was born to become, life could not be happening any other way.

Our current challenges, our current choices — those are the ones we will look back at one day and examine the journey in hindsight.

But can you see your Divine journey in them right now, in the thick of the ick?

Maybe that muck that we’re stuck in is actually pudding. Or cake batter. Or better yet, cheesecake. What if the hurdles are actually stairs? Could the detour really be our most supportive road, and could being late truly arrive us in right time?

We can be pretty good at looking back and holding space for it all having worked out the way it was supposed to.

Now let’s trust that it is happening in real-time.


Are you currently experiencing a challenging situation or aspect? Can you embrace that you are right where you are supposed to be, and in the process of becoming who you are born to be? Maybe give that some thought over a piece of cheesecake.Spiritual-Guides


4 Comments on “Spiritual beings having a human experience”

  1. My learning at this time is to recognize my challenges as the spiritual leveling-up lessons and opportunities that they are — while I’m smack dab in the middle of them!! Thank you for your comment. “Expansive” made me breathe… ❤


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