And the First Shall be Last…

Thinking about firsts and lasts in my life, I automatically begin with events and accomplishments.  Firsts such as driving a car, earning a degree, holding each newborn child, experiencing a rainstorm with the new steel roof.  Lasts include the last time I got a massage, went on a family vacation, had a snow day, tried a new wine.  All of these put a smile on my face.

 But then the next layer relaxes in.  What about the first time I acted on my intuition instead of just acknowledging it?  The last time I kept a comment to myself?  The first time I responded out of faith instead of fear?  The last time I let go of being right?

Our firsts and lasts connect.  The first time I let go of the outcome is the last time I’ve cried in despair.  The first time I accepted myself right here and now is the last time I wondered if I was good enough.  The first time I said “I am” is the last time I floundered.

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