Power Words

Power WordsThis is an incredibly interesting book about identifying and harnessing the energy and power of the words you use.   In Power Words: Igniting Your Life with Lightning Force, Sharon Anne Klingler shows how to use words consciously for a specific energetic purpose, a more complex use beyond mere definition.

The words themselves are individual and you are going to discover your own. What the author shows you is how to discover the words that will uplift and/or ignite you, and she gives examples of her own. Sharing the how and the why, she opens the door for your own further exploration.

All words have energy, and this energy can be harnessed for your deeper use and greater creation.  Trigger words, power words, and lifting words all have their applicable nuances, and although I really resonate with “uplifting,” you may prefer another.  The point is to choose, and use, your words with intent.  This practice can shape and change your life–consciously.

If you are a word lover, you already desire this book.  If you are not, you will still love this book’s approach.

A word to the wise?  Embrace this book!

This book was given to me by Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it, as part of their volunteer Book Nook Blogger Program.

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