How to Become A Writer

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The process of becoming a writer follows a specific path.

First, deliberately choose another career. In youth, pragmatically decide that you cannot make a living with a writing career so instead acquire a tangible skill such as ditch-digging. In the meantime, enjoy journaling and letter-writing for fun. Declare, “I am not a writer.”

Next, logically decide to build on your existing job.  When faced with sudden single-parenthood and the resultant serious income examination, take the safer route to family financial sustainability. Decide that producing a Masters thesis counts as writing, yet acknowledge a preference for creative expression. Identify, “I  want to be a writer one day.”

After that, actively participate in writing classes. With time, learn the wisdom that a career doesn’t need to be either Writing or Not-Writing.  While enjoying your job, explore writing assignments, creativity prompts, and blogging.  Claim, “I am a writer.”

Finally, openly trust the universe at long last. Realize your idea of what it means to be a writer has evolved, and that you actually have been one all along. Embody, “I am writing.”



We emerge upon discovering we already are that which it is we hope to become.

What do you hope to become? In what ways are you already there?


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4 Comments on “How to Become A Writer”

  1. Thank you for your comment! I’m learning to value the process, perhaps more than the outcome. (Or at least to include it!)

    Courage is never wasted. Thank you very much for that reminder. ❤


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