The Third Rule of Ten

Third Rule of TenIn the tradition of the series, The Third Rule of Ten continues to deliver! Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay have a gift for writing these stories.  The mystery novel aspect is well-crafted, with story development intelligently supporting the caper.  The ending makes perfect sense but you don’t predict it.  The character of Ten is very identifiable, the authors wondrously make an ex-monk, ex-cop become a regular guy, lovable in his flaws.  There is magic in the authors’ ability to weave spiritual aspects into human existence in their modern-day stories: it makes you realize the line between the two in your own life is really not so stark, either.

Okay, full disclosure: there was a point during reading where I began to surprisingly get turned off, despite my love-fest with the book.  I felt the authors were moving toward launching headfirst, skeleton-style, down the slippery slope of controversial topics, personal views, and political standpoints–and this was detracting me from the story.  However, very shortly after wondering this and reading further, I realized how it all tied in perfectly with where the story went.  The same aspect that began to lose me as an audience hooked me back in as a reader.   Opinions on controversial political subjects aside, I appreciate that whatever those opinions are, how the topics were addressed applicably made the story richer.  The reader is left to decide for themselves in these matters, and the authors were not afraid to make the story meaningful.

Murder meets meditation: Hendricks and Lindsay have an identifiable and likable main character, as well as a relevant and well-crafted mystery.  I look forward to the next rule of Ten, and will once again drop everything to read it!

Hay House graciously gave me this book simply in exchange for my thoughts about it, as part of their Book Nook blogger program.  Vielen Dank!

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