The Numerology Guidebook

Numerology Guidebook

Michelle Buchanan has shared an invaluable tool for anyone interested in learning more about themselves.  The Numerology Guidebook: Uncover Your Destiny and the Blueprint of Your Life is for beginners and regular practitioners alike. Whether your interest in Numerology is mild and fun or you are considering opening your own practice, this book will be a treasured resource.

The author’s style is comfortably conversational, yet thankfully professional and not breezy or overly familiar. She has organized her book in the most incredibly reader-friendly and intuitive way. It is such a natural flow to learn about a type of number (Soul Number, for example), calculate that number, and then discover the meaning.  I appreciate that her descriptions of each number’s meaning has depth and breadth: these descriptions provide such rich understanding as well as insight into how all relates.

Michelle Buchanan not only covers the basics of numerology, she also leads readers into more expansive aspects of this tool for insight.  This is a complete numerology resource.  She also has created a guidance card deck, and I look forward to receiving the set I ordered out of sheer excitement after reading her book.  I expect this deck will be as user-friendly and insightful as the book is, and they will be a great companion tool for me.

Having read other books about numerology, I recommend going straight to this one.  I have had more compassion for, insight into, and understanding about myself than from any other numerology source.  There is a beautiful, indefinable quality that this woman brings that sets it and her apart from others, and I’m so glad she has chosen to share that.

I was gifted this book from Hay House in return for my honest opinion of it. No numbers were harmed in the figuring of my math, the author makes it goof-proof!

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4 Comments on “The Numerology Guidebook”

  1. I see this in my own life as well–coincidences are divine happenings, and when I look at them that way i am able to get a glimpse of something amazing! For me, numerology is yet another way of opening my awareness to possibility. And I just loved how this author presented the subject!


  2. Hi Gina, I agree with you on this one. I just finished reading it last week. Every time a ‘coincidence’ happens, I believe more and more that there is no such thing. For example, you liked my post, so I looked at yours and then I saw your review. A friend of mine did a numerology reading for me and I was amazed with the accuracy. Of cours if we believe, we will embrace it more. This year is my hard work year! Keep writing. A:)ex


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