Percolate: Let Your Best Self Filter Through


PercolateElizabeth Hamilton-Guarino has crafted a very creative and inspiring book. She explores the corollary of self-improvement strategies through the fresh analogy of coffee:

  • Allow for change to brew
  • Choose a bolder brew
  • Create your own best blend
  • Grow from bean to brew
  • Brew strength
  • Expresso yourself
  • Chillax and have an iced coffee
  • Buy the next round
  • Percolate peace

The author is the creator of The Best Ever You Network online community and radio show.  She has used her experiences of “thrive and survive” to inspire and empower others.

“Percolate” is the author’s metaphor for “how you can move forward with growing awareness, live in the present moment, and experience greater joy and peace.” She encourages readers to “never give up on living your best life every day.”

This book presents helpful, inspirational, supportive guidance in a brand-new way.  New seekers will gain from this material; seasoned journey-makers will be tickled at the fresh approach.  The author’s voice is engaging, her style is welcoming, and her humor is infectious.

“Smiles are infectious; frowns are, too.  Which infection do you want?”  –Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

I was not paid to endorse this book, whether monetarily or with coffee.  Hay House gifted me the book in exchange for my honest opinion of it.  Love of coffee not required for love of this book.

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1 Comments on “Percolate: Let Your Best Self Filter Through”

  1. I love this Gina! “Percolate Peace” is absolutely resonating with me right now!!! Thanks for sharing, I will have to look for this one! …..I also love how you were ‘not paid with coffee’ for your review! Ha! Pure love!
    Blessings~ Wendy


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