Peaceful, Easy Feeling

I had a huge Aha about ease the other day.

I was walking back from the mailbox, mentally going over my afternoon to-do list and feeling slightly agitated. And I had a moment of “Dangit, I’m working toward a life of ease and flow. I’m on top of the things I need to accomplish today. Why do I feel so slightly panicked?!?”

And it hit me. Or maybe that was my guardian angel appropriately knocking me upside the head:


Feathers to my face

In one glorious split second, I full-body realized that I already am ease. Only I don’t recognize it.

So this is what ease feels like.

Instead, I keep checking to make sure that I’m on the right track.  Which creates a constant, low-grade, slightly panicked feeling.

But this is what ease feels like.

Rather, I’m creating my own problem that I want to overcome. I don’t need to create a solution, I simply need to stop creating what covers it.

Yet this is what ease feels like.

I want an overall feeling of ease and joy. So, I need to stop basing it on feeling either behind or caught up. The process of ease is not dependent on the outcome of the day. Enjoy! I can have both ease and things to get to.

Ease does not depend on what I have going on, ease is what I have going on.

So this is what ease feels like.


Seems upside down, but it works!


3 Comments on “Peaceful, Easy Feeling”

  1. AHA! This switched the bulb on for me too!!!! Thank you for sharing, the ease in your voice shines through the words! That helped me to physically relax as I read your post. I can now let go of the low-grade angst that has been gnawing at my heels as well. THANK YOU. ❤


    • I caught myself again this morning! Started to feel behind about a task, and was able to realize it’s really only time to look at it, now. Not before now.

      I’ve got joy in noticing myself in this more. For me, discovering the moments is the first step to me then turning it around! YAY!!

      So THIS is what ease feels like!! ❤


      • Yay! This is so wonderful! Awareness of self and an understanding of our past limiting beliefs, allows to fully embrace and let go of what needs to go, for our growth, inner joy, and ease!!! Thank you again for sharing you, in process, allowing your light to shine not only for yourself, but others, like me, as well! ❤


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