Question of the Day


I’m learning a lot on my journey to receive. This allowing, opening, surrendering thing is growing me into something expansive. I’m becoming both softer as well as stronger, instead of simply capable.

And here’s the next layer I recently experienced:

I must also learn to receive from myself.

My receptivity isn’t dependent upon outside sources. It’s not a result. It comes from within, and it must come first.

The example where I recently learned this has to do with traveling for work. I was asked if I was able to attend an evening meeting on one end of the state, and I was teaching a workshop on the other end of the state early that next morning. Think of a 3-4-5 triangle, with each point as a different location on the map.  



I live more in the middle of the state, so this scenario involved a significant amount of driving just to get to either event alone. Additionally, in order to make both appointments I would either need to leave the meeting and arrive at a hotel close to the workshop at around 1 a.m., or find lodging near the meeting and leave for the workshop before 3 a.m. Neither option lit me up.

Now, don’t get me wrong–I am indeed capable. My reaction was to problem-solve as to how to best carry this out. I slipped into my previous-self mode, which was to buckle down, rise to the occasion, and get the job done.

And then I paused.

I asked myself an incredibly important question:

What’s the most loving-kind thing I can do for myself in this situation?

And I felt peace. And ease. And then I knew my answer.

Asking ourselves that question is the answer. But in case you’re curious about what it led to in this particular story, it was this: I didn’t arrive at 1 a.m., and I didn’t leave at 3 a.m. I showed up fully and led my workshop. And guess what? Nobody was disappointed that I didn’t go to the meeting. Any expectations or need to prove my capacity had come only from me. And I was able to receive release of those through asking myself a simple question.

What’s the most loving-kind thing I can do for myself?

When you ask this, you’re positioned to receive–from yourself. Ask yourself this question, and ask it often.

  • Before you get out of bed each day. (What’s the most loving-kind thing I can do for myself today?)
  • While navigating circumstances. (What’s the most loving-kind thing I can do for myself in this situation?)
  • When making a decision. (What’s the most loving-kind thing I can do for myself in this?)

Receiving isn’t a reaction, it’s a state of being.

What’s the most loving-kind thing I can do for myself?

Sometimes it’s giving up gluten. Sometimes it’s binge-watching The Big Bang Theory. Sometimes it’s even attending the meeting. And all of these answers are profound.


Cradle yourself in love.

1 Comments on “Question of the Day”

  1. Divine timing my friend! This is fabulous, thank you for sharing, I really needed to hear these words today. They will buoy me through my day! The love really shines through here, so in the giving of love to ourselves, we allow love to be shared on many, many levels. So much love to your heart today as well. ❤


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