Secretly Genius Motivational Message

Collage of Albert Einstein, Wayne Dyer, Marie Forleo, and book cover of Ask and Is Given, to represent Abraham

What do Albert Einstein, Wayne Dyer, Abraham, and Marie Forleo have in common? A genius motivational message.

Let’s face it. We all need a little boost sometimes, a gentle kick in the pants to get us moving. We receive the great ideas, the inspirations, the downloads, but we sometimes become bogged down with what to do with them from there. We get the What, but we haven’t figured out the How.

Here is a simple yet effective process to move our ideas from theory into reality:

Act. Do. Begin.

The best way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. --Walt Disney

Einstein is quoted by Wayne Dyer in his foreword to the book by Abraham, Ask and It Is Given as saying, “Nothing happens until something moves.”  Marie Forleo widely encourages that “Insight without action is worthless.”

The point is to act on your inspiration. Here. Now. Before you’re ready.

Stop finishing it in your head before releasing it to the world. It is because you physically act on your idea that it is created, not because you covered all the bases first.

Yes, your idea/project will change, evolve, and grow along the way. Your idea that you began with will not look the same as what you end with. But you can’t shortcut the process by figuring it out in your head first. It’s because you are acting that your idea is becoming.

Begin Your Daily Life

Inspired creation is not a linear race of Anticipate first and then Do, ending at a finish line. It’s a dancing embrace of Conceive and Be at the same time —  gliding around the room and absorbing also when the music pauses.

This approach applies no matter the size and scope of your inspiration. Whether creating a business or creating dinner, once you being acting on incomplete ideas they will flesh out.

For me, this morning was tougher to get out of bed and exercise. As I snuggled deeper into the covers, I began to think of both why I justified more sleep and how to get a workout in later in the day. Then, I just stopped thinking and threw back the covers and got up. Which was funny, because my brain was so surprised as my body was moving!  But it followed along, and I caught up with myself by the time my feet hit the floor.  The point is that I chose to move and act first, before my head had determined that I was ready.

Know what? I went from thinking it out to acting it out — and in the process I became aligned. Further, instead of my exercise being something to check off of a list, it became a deeply enjoyable connection that I could not have thought into existence first without experiencing it as it unfolded.

Now over to you: what simmers in your head today that you hold yourself back from acting on until it’s “ready?” How can you begin movement with it, to create space for its unfolding? Perhaps you could write a list of options, gather supplies, or see where ten minutes of action leads you. I encourage you to leave a comment below.

Did you like this inspiration? If so, share it! And keep moving as you think — your ideas will become reality because of that..



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