Radical Enoughness

female mallard standing on snow

In a defiant response to our April snowstorm I unpacked my tote of summer clothing.

You see, in my cozy-house world I have seasonal clothing rotation. Fall/winter and spring/summer attire take turns living between the available drawers/closet and storage totes. Sorta like a trousseau timeshare. And although the cacophony of frogs outside has suddenly silenced in response to a surprise return to near-freezing temps, breaking out my sandals is soothing to my spring snow snarkiness.

Woman throwing clothes in overflowing laundry room

And — bonus!  As I unpacked and organized, I made a breakthrough connection.

The more I realize I am enough, the less I need. {Tweet this!}

yoga meditation with an ocean sunrise

In this case, it came for me through the shock of realizing I keep shuffling back and forth clothing that I consciously have not worn in years.


Even though I had specifically planned to, knowing that I hadn’t worn them in…years.

clothing pile with t-shirt on top that says "I have nothing to wear"

Well, okay.  I knew I was ensemble-y enlightened enough to be fully aware that I held onto so much for purely emotional reasons. And that had previously been okay. But now…? Now I completely trust that in releasing the memories (and the items!) with love I can still embody those feelings I want to keep. And as the old items move along, I’m creating space for the next right thing — no matter if it’s a treasured feeling, a new memory, or a spanky pair of pants in the perfect style, color, and fit.

And guess what? At the end of my project, it turns out that I no longer need totes! Every piece of clothing I have is now spacious and available in my closet and drawers, no matter the season.

Let me say that again: I have released a twenty-plus year old Old Pattern and allowed a New Pattern into being. This feels amazing, free, and abundant!  Instead of feeling lack with what I released, I feel so much more with less. (There’s that divine paradox…)

stack of rocks on the sand

So now over to you: as you realize your own enough-ness, what “stuff” is falling away for you? Does your junk drawer call for clearing? How about your makeup bag? Do you have a stockpile of canned goods from the end of the Mayan calendar? Are there items in the bottom of your freezer that have been there since the birth of your first child (who is now old enough to be off of your family insurance)?

What’s the first physical area to clear that popped into your head when you read this? Leave a comment below, forward this to the friend you thought of, and share in the joy that you are already more than enough.

hands holding a rock that says "you are enough"

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