Easily Increase Your Abundance With This Simple Action


Do you randomly receive hits to do spontaneous acts of kindness?

For example, when it crosses your mind at a drive-through window how great it would be to pay for the meal of the person behind you.

Or, as you walk out to get your package from the UPS driver you realize that a water or juice from your fridge might make their day.

How about when you pick up your produce at the family fruit/veggie stand, and it occurs to you to add a buck or two just because.

We get these thoughts often. However, we usually act on them sporadically, rarely, or not at all. We’re selective with our generosity, afraid of compromising our own abundance by giving too much of it away.

But here’s the surprising thing about abundance: It’s not really about the “stuff.”

Abundance is a mindset. An approach. A flow. Although it may show up as an item that happens to make our lives better, abundance is really manifested through feeling. That’s why the more we give, the more we receive. And here’s the really juicy part: it’s not just a unicorns and rainbows thought, it physically acts itself out in our lives. Not only does this flow mindset create the feeling of expansive abundance, but it also shows up as the physical thing we need at that time.

Keeping the flow going out is what keeps the flow coming in. (Tweet this!)



This is why we are to be like the birds and the lilies that Jesus describes in the Do Not Worry portion of Jesus’ Sermon On the Mount (Matthew 6:25-34). The gist of it is that the birds and lilies being taken care of — even though they aren’t counting their blessings and measuring out from there just how much of their abundance they can afford to share.

Sending the flow out is what creates space for the flow to come in. This is the secret for creating active abundance into our lives.

Our job is to send the flow out. Our gift is to receive the flow in. If we dam up the outflow, we don’t create a reservoir — we create a floodplain..



A few evenings ago I was gifted with two dozen farm fresh, organic eggs. This was from a couple that I’ve met only once. Although they regularly sell them for $4/doz, they simply wanted to share their abundance. This happens to have occurred on the same day I finally acted on my hit to randomly drop off a large bag each of dog and cat food at the local animal shelter.

Coincidence? Nah. Simply everyday divine flow in action.

Now to you: how can you send the flow out today? Remember, it’s a mindset. Nothing is too big or too small. Leave your hit in the comments below, and share this with who you thought of as you read it.

2 Comments on “Easily Increase Your Abundance With This Simple Action”

  1. Gina hello!!! This reminds me of the Maya Angelou (I think?) quote about how you can’t use up your well of creativity. The more you create, the more it comes. In fact actually more is produced. Like abundance. You don’t just create space for more to come by giving, you actually produce and create that which didn’t exist, and then more of it comes into your life! Such a beautiful idea!
    So glad to see you’re still blogging and can’t wait to go through a mountain of your juicy looking posts. I’ve just started blogging again but on wordpress.org. If you fancy coming to say hello I am thisrosylife,com. Jenny xxx


    • Jenny, it’s SO good to be with you again!! You are so engaging, and wonderful to read. AND your art is amazing! I just headed over to thisrosylife.com, and I’ve got my own reading catch-up to do! 😉 Take care, keep in touch! ~gina ❤


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