Motivationally Speaking

Ugh. Some interests I began some time ago in sheer excitement have now been in perpetual pause. For longer than I care to ‘fess up to, actually. My book is unfinished, I haven’t picked up my violin since I successfully figured out how to actually produce a sound, and I keep putting off creating a […]

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Secretly Genius Motivational Message

What do Albert Einstein, Wayne Dyer, Abraham, and Marie Forleo have in common? A genius motivational message. Let’s face it. We all need a little boost sometimes, a gentle kick in the pants to get us moving. We receive the great ideas, the inspirations, the downloads, but we sometimes become bogged down with what to […]

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The Motivation Manifesto

This book by Brendon Burchard is a handbook for achieving personal power. Powerfully inspiring, it is written in a Revolutionary and declarative style.  It’s empowering, supportive, and encouraging–as if you’re remembering all over again who you really are, yet you know you’ve never left yourself. The book opens with a declaration of personal power, providing clarity to […]

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