Motivationally Speaking

Ugh. Some interests I began some time ago in sheer excitement have now been in perpetual pause. For longer than I care to ‘fess up to, actually. My book is unfinished, I haven’t picked up my violin since I successfully figured out how to actually produce a sound, and I keep putting off creating a particular conference submission proposal–let alone the actual workshop.

I’m at the point where I can barely stand myself. It’s time to get motivated.

Wonder Woman Diana Facepalm DC

Okay now, my Old Pattern is to make a plan, knuckle-down, and DO it. Determination. Persistence. Motivation by grit. I gotta get this done because I don’t like where I’m at. I’ve had a lot of success with this Old Pattern, actually, and am incredibly grateful for that.

But I’m ready to bless it, release it, and embrace a New Pattern.

My New Pattern is to show up with wonder, open to possibility, and BE it. Enchantment. Excitement. Motivation by joy. I wallow in the pleasure of enjoying creating the very thing I’m working so hard to accomplish.

Motivate yourself by what you are delighted to create, not by what you want to avoid.

I still do the work–but it feels more like play. I still get the job done–and now the process has become fun. I no longer focus on deleting discontent, I allow in and embrace delight.

When you make pleasure your driving force, the doing is joy and the outcome is irrelevant.

–Rebecca Campbell

Suddenly my same old Should-Get-To’s have become Can’t-Wait-To-Get-To’s! Excuse me, I’ve got to go now…!


What have you been putting off? How can you transform it by motivation with joy?

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