The Motivation Manifesto

Book cover, link to purchase book on AmazonThis book by Brendon Burchard is a handbook for achieving personal power. Powerfully inspiring, it is written in a Revolutionary and declarative style.  It’s empowering, supportive, and encouraging–as if you’re remembering all over again who you really are, yet you know you’ve never left yourself.

The book opens with a declaration of personal power, providing clarity to desired outcomes.  Next are explorations of the human natures of freedom, fear, and motivation. Finally, 9 Declarations are experienced–some examples of which are meeting life with full presence and power, advancing with abandon, amplifying love, inspiring greatness, and others.

This book is unapologetic in its descriptions and concepts, courageous in its conviction. It is also inspirational in its grace toward people and attitudes who would oppose our direction, reminding me of a description my Mom taught me:  “Go in peace, but go.” It is all about individual freedom to choose–and this book is a guide to choosing higher, if a reader is interested.  Without allowing oneself to be swayed by the naysayers, the fearful, and the threatened.

Anyone who could use a shot of inspiration will benefit from reading this book. Anyone who feels pretty on top of things in their life will gain a surprising second wind, a bouying  seventh wave.  You have every reason to read this book, and no reason not to.

I was not financially compensated for this review–I received a copy in exchange for my opinion of it, in accordance with Hay House’s Book Nook blogger program.  The author himself is giving away free copies on his website, take a look.

Link to purchase this at AmazonLink to purchase at Hay HouseLink to purchase at Barnes & NobleLink to purchase at Chapters Indigo

2 Comments on “The Motivation Manifesto”

  1. Thanks for your comment, Wendy! In addition to other information and assistance, his website offers this book for free (you just pay the cost of shipping). Pretty amazing, cool, and motivating!


  2. This is wonderful Gina! Absolutely love the quote from your Mom, “Go in peace, but go.” What wise words 😉 Excited to check out the website, thank you for including the link!
    Blessings~ Wendy


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