When Nothing Works, Try Doing Nothing

In Dr. Frank Kinslow’s latest book about being and becoming, When Nothing Works Try Doing Nothing, readers are encouraged to slow down in order to leap forward. Link to book on AmazonAlthough initially sounding counterproductive, the Divine does indeed operate in paradoxes (Caroline Myss).

This book is a good reminder that as we act, we are also to allow.

The concept is a good one, and it has also been described variously as a spiritual process point of gestation, incubation, gathering, and/or re-energizing.  This book focuses on “How Learning to Let Go Will Get You Where You Want To Go.”

There is support and encouragement for understanding that you are complete just as you are, and for knowing that you have everything you need already inside of you. What we learn about ourselves truly does not come from outside, and this book intends to help readers tap into themselves.

Dr. Kinslow takes universal spiritual journey concepts and renames them according to a system that he has created and calls The Kinslow System. Although self-described as in opposition to what he calls the “scientifically baseless” positive thinking and Law of Attraction “movements”, I actually see his approach as seamless with these very philosophies that he opposes. They are all aspects of universal spiritual dynamics, and I disagree with the author: they are not mutually exclusive.

As this book’s core supports spiritual growth and wisdom, anyone could benefit from reading it. Those who are looking for a specifically prescribed program with uniquely system-named steps will especially appreciate this book.  Those who are not may still find something interesting here.

The author sent me this book in exchange for my honest opinion of it; I was not financially compensated for writing this review.

Link to purchase this at Amazon

2 Comments on “When Nothing Works, Try Doing Nothing”

  1. Wonderfully interesting Gina! Especially to one who is in a working state of life’s gestation. A great reminder that when it seems as though one is doing nothing, the divine continues to churn, God blesses us in the stillness, in the waiting!


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